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Handicrafted jewelry from a CARICIA jewelry shop
    - MagicPearls jewelry which fits your lifestyle

Jewelry from CARICIA is unique!

The jewelry collection in the CARICIA shops contains highest quality pearls rings , pearls necklaces, pearls pendants, gemstone earrings, and other fine jewelry of outstanding beauty.

The goldsmiths of CARICIA use only materials of highest quality which they combine and handcraft to exceptional jewelry. Many pieces of CARICIAs fine jewelry take benefit of the fascination of the socalled MagicPearls, high quality pearls that have been carefully refined with gemstone inlays according to a worldwide patent of CARICIA.

Jewelry collection of a CARCIA shop - fine jewelry that fits your lifestyle

Whether revolutionary or conformist, flamboyant or simple, elegant or sporty: Your jewelry communicates the details of your lifestyle. With fine jewelry from CARICIA you can keep control of those silent messages. Unique Jewelry - as e.g. pearl necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets - from CARICIA will make a clear statement.


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